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Lia Riris

Deputy Director General at Invest Cyprus

Lia Riris is currently the Deputy Director General at Invest Cyprus.

With a background in International Relations, Lia specialized in economic diplomacy, exploring commercial opportunities abroad and positioning Cyprus as a premier business hub. At CCCI, she led numerous initiatives, including organizing business delegations and managing bilateral associations. Lia’s strategic acumen and dedication led to her promotion to Head of International Relations and Economic Diplomacy in 2021. Prior to her leadership role, Lia honed her skills at CCCI’s Department of EU Programs, overseeing projects with budgets exceeding €1 million. She also contributed to cooperation projects between Cyprus communities through initiatives funded by INTERREG and UNDP.

Beyond her corporate roles, Lia has been involved in training and advocacy, serving as a Trainer in Economic Diplomacy and holding positions on the boards of organizations like BPW Cyprus and ICC Cyprus Women’s Network. Lia holds an LLM in International Law from the University of Westminster, UK, and a BA in International Relations.

Position: Deputy Director General at Invest Cyprus
Company: CCCI

Areas of Expertise: Business Consulting and Investment Management Commercial Economic Diplomacy
Languages: Greek, English