ICC Women

The Cyprus Women Network was established in November 2022 and is part of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The vision of the ICC Cyprus Women Network is to create a strong network of professional and women entrepreneurs for the purposes of amplifying their voice and increasing their visibility, as well as for the purposes of improving gender diversity in the labour force, especially in managerial and decision-making positions, supporting ICC guidelines such as the United Nations’ Women’s Empowerment Principles and contributing to global efforts of gender diversity and balance to in the world business.

The ICC Cyprus Women Network consists of CEOs, prominent leaders, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the business sector and will aim to:

  • Actively seek to improve the visibility of women in the business world
  • Increase the visibility and recognition of women in business who take active steps to strengthen the economy
  • Ensure the representation of women in decision-making processes related to the economy, at government level and/or at decision-making forums
  • Build a strong framework for the future generations and promote the activities of young female entrepreneurs
  • Ensure ICC’s internal policies, leadership and representative bodies better reflect the gender diversity of the business and professional world
  • Carry out or disseminate research papers and/or scientific publications related to women in business

More info about the ICC Gender balance Pledge at here.